Grave Sites of Interest in the Genoa Cemetery

John Quincy & Rufus Adams - Emigrated to Utah Territory, Carson Valley in 1853. Descendants of President John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States. Operated a brick kiln where bricks were made for many Genoa buildings as well as the Douglas County Courthouse in Genoa, in 1864. John b: 1832 d: 1910 Rufus d: 1876 Family Memorial shipped from Portugal.

William “Uncle Billy” Cradlebaugh - b: Apr. 22, 1817 d: Jan 6, 1901 (Owned Cradlebaugh Bridge Toll Road & wayside inn. Brother to Judge John Cradlebaugh)

Charles Daudel - b: May 25, 1833 d: January 1922 (A shoemaker by trade)

William D. Gray - b: November 24, 1828, d: February 18, 1910 (Blacksmith shop owner)

Theodore “Ted” P. Hawkins - b: January 1843, d: 1925 (Pony Express Relief Rider. He was only 5’ 4” tall. Stephen Kinsey was his uncle.)

David R. Jones - b: 1829 d: 1914 (The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints pastor, Carson City church. He settled on one of the first ranch in Utah Territory, now Douglas County, Carson Valley, in the year 1852)

Stephen A. Kinsey - b: 1828 d: 1903 (Early Genoa settler arriving with his brother-in-law John Reese who was known for trading to the emigrants from the first trading post about one mile north of Genoa. Kinsey was postmaster when “Snowshoe Thompson” delivered the mail on snowshoes (skis) in 1856 from Placerville, Ca., to Genoa, then Utah Territory. Kinsey also acted as Recorder during the Utah Territory period.)

Louis Scossa - b: 1840 d: 1866 (The first man buried in what is now Genoa Cemetery. This stone is a memorial.)

Cady Rollin Smith - b: December 19, 1884 d: July 9, 1896 (12 yrs.)

John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson - b: April 30, 1827 d: May 15, 1876 (Norwegian who carried the U.S. mail on his back over the Sierra Nevada Mountains for 20 winters. The trip was 90 miles from Placerville, Ca. to Genoa, Nv.)

Judge Daniel Webster Virgin - b: July 4, 1835 d: August 19, 1928 (The first NV District Judge to serve on the bench at the Douglas County Courthouse, Genoa, 1865 -66. He also served as Douglas County’s District Attorney, and also as Superintendent of Schools. He owned the now famous “Pink House”.)

David Walley - b: abt 1818 d: March 4, 1875 (Owned Walley Hot Springs, a forty bedroom hotel and health sp=a and promoted the spring’s healing mineral waters from 1860 - 1875.)