The Association Board

The Genoa Cemetery Association is comprised of 7 Board Members and 4 Officer Positions (Secretary and Treasurer are currently combined)

Wallace Adams, President (775) 720-1627 (Term Expires 4/7/2018)
Roger Falcke, Vice President (775) 691-9819 (Term Expires 4/2/2019)
Betsy Case-Falcke, Secretary/Treasurer (Term Expires 4/2/2019)
Lloyd Wyatt, Member (Term Expires 4/2/2020)
Robert Whear, Member (Term Expires 4/2/2019)
Dave Wagner, Member (Term Expires 4/7/2018)
Rex Cleary, Member (Term Expires 4/7/2018)

Our Location and What We Do

The Genoa Cemetery is located approximately 2/3rds of a mile north of downtown Genoa, at 2396 Jacks Valley Road. The Association can be reached at PO Box 971 Genoa, NV 89411

The Genoa Cemetery Association sells plots and maintains / improves the Cemetery. That is the limit of our operations. We DO NOT provide burial services or merchandise. Plots are defined in Cemetery Regulations (1.90) as a “curbed land burial site sold in the following dimensions: 2’x4’ (Cremations), 5’x10’ (Single), 10’x10’ (Double), 10’x20’ or 20’x20’.

Additional Resources

The following resources are provided for your information only. The Genoa Cemetery Association does not endorse any specific contractor or service provider.

Funeral Homes
Walton’s Funerals & Cremations 775 882-4965
Autumn Funerals & Cremations 775 888-6800
Capitol City Cremation 775 882-1766
Fitzhenry’s Funeral Homes 775 882-2644

Excavation Contractors
John Gleave Construction 775 267-0170
Wally Adams 775 720-1627

Curbing Contractors
Avery Chesser 775 901-2089

Head Stones and Monuments
Corner Stone Monument 775 267-1958
Monuments Unlimited 775 783-9600
Walton’s Funerals and Cremations 775 882-4965
Fitzhenry’s Funeral Homes 775 882-2644
Wally Adams 775 720-1627